A Tale for the Time Being

noctem stellae

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.

Have you ever feel like want to commit a suicide?
Have you ever feel like your life is a shit and you just want to throw it all away?

If you’d never feel like that, be grateful. Because Nao had already experienced it all. And she’s here to tell us how it feels like.

Nao, our narrator here is only 14 years old when she moved to Tokyo from her favorite place, Sunnyvale. But life wasn’t smooth like in Sunnyvale. They lived under a really hard circumstances, which is also put them into the state of poverty. Nao also became victim of extremely horrible bullying in her new school and she has no friends. That said, bullying in Japan is worse than any other place. Actually, the cause of her family moving was because her father lost his job in a…

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