Bandung Outing and New Books


I know. Okay, I know I’m not really active in this blog. Actually I’m not active anywhere (except for twitter). So I’m sorry, I’ll work harder in the future to post in this blog.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Bandung for some bookish time with a friend there. It was unexpectedly quiet. The roads were pretty empty from vehicles. I guess that was because people prefer to spend their times with family and having meal together after Shalat Ied. Well, that didn’t apply to me because I’m too far away from my family :(.

So I visited Books & Beyond Bandung Indah Plaza while waiting for Hyena (my friend) to meet me there.  Books & Beyond is currently giving 25% discount for ALL books for member, and 10% off for non member. That’s one huge discount so I can’t help myself to take some books home. I picked a classic tale, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, and Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige.





After I paid them I realized that my book picks rather grim…. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Dorothy Must Die, I suppose they have same dark theme. Well, good luck to me. For a moment I also considered to get Stephen King’s/James Patterson’s book! Thank god I didn’t buy them. Because two grim books are more than enough in a month, hehehe.

Then my friend came and I accompanied her looking for hairpin. We also stopped by Gunung Agung Bookstore, but didn’t buy anything there. After that we went to get some Donuts from J.Co and moved to Gramedia Merdeka (which is located right facing Bandung Indah Plaza). Luckily, Gramedia’s holding a bargain bin for imported book at the moment ( I believe that it’s still on). I found Out of The Dust by Karen Hesse, which I’ve been longing for quite a while. It’s a novel, but in the form of poetry. I got the used one but still, it’s a treasure.


All imported books price started from IDR 30.000. If you thoroughly looking in the bargain bin, you might find books in almost perfect condition!

We stayed a while at Gramedia and read some unsealed books. Gramedia has a cozy building. I usually could sit for hours and reading some books before go home because it’s free!

Then we went to Rumah Buku Bandung. This one bookstore always has minimum discount 15% for all books. And if you’re a member, you got up to 25% off for all books. But Rumah Buku only sell local books, so if you’re in Bandung and want to get some cheaper Indonesian books, you should go there. I bought a short story collections by Ahmad Tohari, Mata yang Enak Dipandang (which has a very pretty cover!) and a manga (Japanese comic), Q.E.D vol 46 by Motohiro Katou. I couldn’t believe it when my eyes laid onto the price label. IDR 20.000 for a comic! That was crazy! But still I brought it to cashier and paid it, hehehe. I’m a fan of Motohiro Katou and have been collecting this Q.E.D series so yeah….


Well, that’s all my story. I’ve already read three of them, to be honest. I finished Q.E.D and Mata yang Enak Dipandang in a quick read yesterday evening, and just finished The Little Prince this afternoon. I save Out of The Dust for later reading. That left Dorothy Must Die and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children unread. Which one do you think I should start first, guys?


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