Confession no.1 : I’m A Picky Reader





Looking back, my post in this blog mostly are book reviews. Yea it is a book blog but I’ve been thinking that this blog seems rather dull with the lack of other variety of posts. So I decided to make this kind of post. Mostly will be a random rambling and chattering but I hope you guys won’t mind it (plus, my English is suck. So please, please bear with me), haha. Anyway, It’s time for some confession.

I am a picky reader.

Yes. Although I’m pretty open-minded about books, I found that I am very picky when it comes to book I want to read. Generally, I like almost all genre of books. Children, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Horror, Mystery, Classics, Non Fiction (err…. some), bring it on, I’ll accept them with shower of joy. But when I read a book, I won’t just randomly grabbing one. I do some research on the book related first before pick it.

The  easiest way to do the research is through the reviews. Goodreads is a lifesaver. Tons of reviews presented there so I can check people thought about the book. Of course people opinions are diverse. But with reading reviews, at least I have large picture of the book.

I do have some worries if the book I picked would not fit to my taste, so mostly I stay in my comfort zone. By comfort zone, I mean it’s book from author I’ve previously read. I have doubts when it comes to author I have yet to read. I don’t want to spend money on book that I won’t love so… you can say I’m rather stingy, lol. But hey, nowadays books are expensive so I need to save money #herecomeexcuses.


So this year I have one particular goal. I’ll try to read books by author I haven’t read before. Thus, leading me for joining the New Author Reading Challenge 2015 (NARC 2015) hosted by Ren’s Little Corner. No, this is not so called master post, by the way.

Mainly, I want to read more books by local author. All this time, I only read book from major publisher and a little range of my favourite authors. But speaking about local books, there are so many books published and the number of local authors has been growing rapidly. The shelves in bookstore are presenting many names of author and publisher I haven’t heard before. Sometimes I want to buy them but then again, I have this little problem called skepticism. What’s going on with so-called-open-minded reader? :hides:

Even if I’m borrowing book from friends, I still have my picky side. Well you see, borrowing is free. But I won’t just borrow any book. I often borrow some random books but ended up not reading them at all. Yeah, there is a time like that, when I don’t feel like to read any book. The major point? Because I wasn’t interested in them in first place.

The weirdest thing is, when I buy book, I’ll pick them carefully based on my level of interest to the the book and make sure I will definitely read them. The reality? I also very picky when it comes to read book from my own piles.

I’m so ashamed of myself….


The aftermath is, I have so many unread books, and by the time, I’m not into them anymore. My interests are slowly fading and bless the books that have been in my pile for ages. Maybe someday I will read you guys…. or sell you out.

Soooo, other than trying to read more books by various authors (I haven’t read), my other goal this year is to read the unread books in my pile (who doesn’t have this one goal, tbh?). Maybe I’m a picky reader, but I have the other personality that causes so many problems: impulsive buyer.

This is not healthy. At all.

From her lair,



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