Review – Falling Into Place

Title : Falling Into Place
Author : Amy Zhang
Publisher : Greenwillow
Published : September 2014 (Intl. edition)
Page : 296 pages
My Rating : 4/5

On the day Liz Emerson tries to die, they had reviewed Newton’s laws of motion in physics class. Then, after school, she put them into practice by running her Mercedes off the road.

Why? Why did Liz Emerson decide that the world would be better off without her? Why did she give up? Vividly told by an unexpected and surprising narrator, this heartbreaking and nonlinear novel pieces together the short and devastating life of Meridian High’s most popular junior girl. Mass, acceleration, momentum, force—Liz didn’t understand it in physics, and even as her Mercedes hurtles toward the tree, she doesn’t understand it now. How do we impact one another? How do our actions reverberate? What does it mean to be a friend? To love someone? To be a daughter? Or a mother? Is life truly more than cause and effect? Amy Zhang’s haunting and universal story will appeal to fans of Lauren Oliver, Gayle Forman, and Jay Asher.

Thought on This Book :

“It’s hard to lie when truth is dying in front of you.”

The aftermath of reading this book :

Don’t even get me started..
It’s been a while, reading a book in one time and make me teared up. And book that made me cry (literally) is always a good book.

So to conclude, this is a good book.

Oh well I don’t really know how to put things together. My feelings are scattered all over the place, so I think I will just randomly throw my thoughts. I apologize in advance if this one doesn’t make any sense at all.

Suicidal things are never my thing. God I don’t even know how to look about this problem. I can’t understand about people throwing their lives and all. I mean, yeah I know they are depressed and all but I never can appreciate them who did it.

Reading this book, I still can’t understand and appreciate Liz’s decision, but somehow this book give me that something, something alarming me to never choose this path.

It’s painful for the people who left behind. I thought about it, yes, isn’t death always about it? Death is about people who left behind. I believe all deaths, no matter how bad a human being, no matter how one ended up dead, always left a trace a sadness to other people, even if it’s not too much.


As you could guess from the synopsis, Liz Emerson decided to do suicide. This book told us a story how and why did she do that. It explained the story behind her popular lifestyle and her childhood and problems she faced. It’s not always about Liz, it’s also about people around her and how her impact left in lives.

Liz is not a lovely characters. You might hate her from the very start of the story. I do hate her in the beginning, but as I drown deeper into her story, I pity her in the end. I pity how much she wanted to stop but doesn’t even try to stop. I pity her for not asking for help. I pity her for the suicidal thought. I really, really sick of her bitchy attitude and how she flipped other’s lives.

But that’s all. I don’t hate her anymore. And turned out I want to like her, but I just can’t for all the horrible things she did.

What I like the most is every characters here seem so real and complex. From Liz, to her circle of friends. Best friends, thing never should lost from one teen story. I love the best friends here. Well they are just the same with Liz but they are adorable –not the very definition of adorable but still I like their bond so much. I like Julia the most. I also like Kennie. I broke my heart with them as they’re waiting in the hospital hallway. I cried when Julia cries and my heart’s aching so much.

Julia glances down at Liz’s face and begins to cry. She had tried to avoid it, looking, but it’s terribly difficult to not look at an almost-corpse, when the almost-corpse is your best friend.

There’s also Liam. Liam who’ve been falling in love with her even after all she did to him… Liam who’s trying to save a corpse. Liam who thinks that everyone deserves the second chance. Liam who’s too good for Liz, but still he loves her anyway.

There was a certain freedom in being on the outside. He watched instead of being watched.

There is no good parents here. Liz’s mother doesn’t know how to be a parent at all but god she breaks my heart when she started to regret her incapability of being a decent mother.

This part made my tears finally fell,

She  makes three calls. The first, to her boss, to let him know that her daughter is in the hospital and she will not be going to work, or to Bangkok that weekend. The second, to the airline, to cancel her reservation.
And the third, to her daughter, so she can hear her voice on the recorded message.
“Hey. It’s Liz. I obviously can’t answer at the moment, so leave a message.”
Monica calls again and again, and she doesn’t know why, but each time she expects a different ending.

And this,

She remembers shifting Liz from one arm to the other so that she and her husband could sign the birth certificate beneath the name that they had chosen so carefully.
Through her tears, she says softly,”Please don’t make me write it on a tombstone.”


Although the culture here and US are different, but I think I can relate the teenager’s problem this book pictured. Drugs, pregnancy, bullies, broken home, alcohol, suicide… I think they are all universal. Depression has been turning into a plague to society, so yeah, I can relate. The problems are real, and this book weave them all into one heart wrenching story.

I love how this book is so simple in the term of telling its story. Like, the words are simple, straight, and poignant yet feels so poetic and beautiful. The pace is rather slow, but the unusual narrator who told us this story was keeping my interest glued to it. This, is one brilliant story-telling, and what shocked me the most is the fact that the author is still so young (college girl, I believe).

In terms of format and plot, this book is similar with If I Stay (after-accident story and the pacing back storytelling), but without a soul wandering in the state between live and dead. Instead of soul, we got mysterious narrator (honestly I know about this narrator from the clues in the snapshot sections). Somehow this reminded me of The Book Thief narrator but without the dark humor. And while this book bears resemblance with If I Stay, I found it has very different feels with If I Stay.

This book is too depressing and too angsty from the very start, but I enjoyed reading through it.
And I love the cover. Its blue is sooo beautiful ;;
And finally,

Well, I hope you will enjoy this book as much I enjoyed it,



Part of : NARC 2015


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