The Girl in The Sunny Side

About Ra :

I go down through a rabbit hole, finding myself in a foreign land where fairies and witches are existed. Then set a journey to unravel mystical enchantment of stories, learning to weave words and make it alive with a little touch of magic. I travel back to the time where earth was a lonely land, and ride my time machine to future when humankind flee to the Mars. I draw, I paint, I read, I write.

Emm, not really. The real Ra is only an ordinary girl in her late teenage year, currently lives in Bandung and majoring statistics at a national university in Indonesia, even that she likes letters much more than numbers. She reads both in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Mainly reads children-Lit, YA, and fantasy. Occasionally non-fiction and popular science, and some romance. She loves Yukinoshita Yukino from a light novel series titled “My Youth  Romance Comedy is Wrong as Expected” by Wataru Watarai, and obviously adores Helianthus annus!

Aside from her love for books and literature, she also adores art, especially fine art. She loves to draw and paint, making illustration and playing with colors. You can peek at her works at her instagram account.

Yukinoshita.Yukino.full.1357849 (2)

Oh, say hello to my fav character !

About This Blog :

Blog about Book, and everything related to book. The book read in Bahasa Indonesia will be reviewed in Bahasa Indonesia. The book read in English, I will (try) to review it in English. 🙂 Please notice that English is not my native tongue, therefore my posts may contain grammatical errors.

For personal post purpose and previous book reviews please go to noctem stellae.

Find me on :

Twitter  : @tsurayazfa

Personal Blog : noctem stellae

Email : tsurayazfania(at)gmail(dot)com

Instagram : @tsurayazfa


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